This page is in answer to the assessment task mentioned below as part of the Radio Studies group of February 2011 by Robin Jansma.

Assesment Task

8)  Puzzle:                                                                    DUE: To be arranged

WORTH: 20% of total course mark

The final, and most important, assessment task will require you to work out the solution to a problem you will yourself identify, ideally from your work situation. You should be able to apply the competencies you acquire through the various courses. This will need to be done

as a presentation, and written up


1) You need to start by identifying a puzzle: a problem you have at your work, something that is an ongoing source of interest, curiosity and concern.  Why is this program not really working? What could we do to build up our news department? How could we get skilled people to stay longer? Should we set up a website? Why is a particular station so successful? These are just examples – the possibilities are endless. You do need to send an outline of your puzzle – the question you want to answer. The outline should be around half a page (200 words), and must explain:

a) what the puzzle is

b) why it matters

c) how you intend to answer it.

2) In solving the problem, you will need to do some research. The kind of research will depend on the question you are trying to answer. It may involve interviews with people, reading or something else.  It is important that the method you choose is appropriate. If you are unsure, feel free to talk to the course co-ordinator.  It is important to use insights and knowledge you have gained from the various components of the courses you have attended. Most important of all, you need to think about the problem in order to develop workable solutions and answers.

3) You will have 15 minutes to present your puzzle and its answer on a date to be arranged towards the end of the year.  In your presentation, you should explain:

a) what the puzzle is

b) why it matters

c) what you found out in research

d) your solution / answer to the puzzle.

If relevant, you could include a suggested action plan.

You must also at that time leave a written version of the assignment with us, in a report of around 1000 words.

4) Assessment criteria:

We will look for: A valid question that is clearly set out; relevant research; use of insights from the courses; clear and effective communication in a well-structured presentation; information that is properly sourced; and original thinking in the answer / solution.